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It seems that because someone can not control their powers there is a blizzard....That I am trapped out side in.

Anyone willing to let a poor defenseless little old dragon to come inside and shake the icicles off her wings? I promise it will only last until this wretched storm is over!
NAAAAAALLL I am so bored!!! Can you help fix it?
Wow has it really been 2 years here. It's kinda hard to believe.....A lot has changed, people have come and gone. And yet I'm still here....Anyways I kinda feel like I need to celebrate or go do something.

If any one has an idea let me know!
I'm so Bored!!!! Dose anyone want to go do something?
Looks like I have a secret admirer! Ooooh I wounder who it could be!! Please tell me who you are!
Uuhhh....Where did my fish go!? I swear I had it right here, I turn around for like five seconds then come back and. Bam....Gone. So if anyone sees my fish tell me! I'm so hungry and I want it now!
I was just thinking. With out Jack Frost here will it snow again? Because I believe its getting to be that time of year again.

The snow was so much fun! But to cold....I need to find a place inside...hmmm

Hahaha He feel's like a woman!Collapse )
Hey everyone. My husbands mom's coming into town so i must clean >.< Which puts me onto a Semi-Hiatus from today to Friday. But I will also be leaving for a vacation the same day his parents leave sooooo I will be on Hiatus starting Friday till well I'm not quite sure about that. But I know I wont be back till at lest the 28th. I'll try and let you know around that date when I'll be back for sure. No promises  though.


Oh I am back to my dragon self! It feels so nice to be able to fly and not be a cat!